VIOLETS & VIOLENCE by Morgan Parker~ Review

Love this story!!!!
Violets & ViolenceViolets & Violence by Morgan Parker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love is an illusion?… or maybe it’s just Morgan Parker’s writing that is the illusion.
Morgan Parker has this beautiful and unique writing style that constantly has you second guessing what is happening in the story. He also has this incredible ability to write a sub story (story within the story) that runs deeper than tying the main story line together.

What I look forward to most when I read a Morgan Parker novel is his take or twist on love.
Violets & Violence really showcased this. The ‘obvious’ love story still had me guessing as to where the author was going to take them but what I found myself totally invested in, was the ‘other’ love story. Luke and Vi’s love. It was intense, it was consuming, and it was an all or none type of love. It was Shakespearean love.
I cannot delve too much into this story because it would give away many aspects that are best to go in reading blind. I did enjoy some of the risks Parker took in one of the story developments that many authors are shy to delve into.
The setting of magic is a fabulous way to weave a story of deceit and pulling off one of the greatest illusions… love. But maybe it’s real.

If you enjoy a story that keeps you guessing and second-guessing, Violets & Violence is just the one.
If you enjoy a story with a real love story (not that insta love stuff), then Violets & Violence is the one.
If you enjoy a story that is well written, well developed, then Violets & Violence is the one.

V&V get 4/5 magical stars

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