WHAT IF by Bayli Lane~ Review

What If (What If, #1)What If by Bayli Lane

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the roller coaster of back and forth and up and down was infuriating and perfect.
Bayli Lane’s story of Briar and Arrow’s ‘what ifs’ had me laughing, pulling my hair out and just about to throw my reader. I haven’t read one in a while where i wanted to sit the characters down in front of me and give them a good smack upside the head until WHAT IF.
I loved that this story spanned a decade and started out when the characters were teenagers. Young love can be so confusing, incredibly passionate and of course full of miscommunication. As adults, when it seems the fates are determined to keep things in the past, you end up with Briar and Arrow. Both of these characters were stubborn to a fault- I enjoyed this because usually in books, one is so wishy washy and weak. Their stubbornness played into the story so well. And it was this stubbornness that kept their love alive and on fire throughout the span of decade even when they weren’t together.
What made this a great read for me was the fact that these characters P*ssed me off to no end. I kept wanting to read the next page to see what they were going to do to add to their piles of what ifs.
One thing that cannot be denied is that war changes people and most likely not for the better. But it’s what brought Briar and Arrow together again.
The secondary characters– Lacey is that girl you love to hate and in a fictional world hopes she falls down a flight of stairs. UGH she was such a B**CH. Killian was love at first read. He’s such a strong, thoughtful and oh so swoon worthy book boy– I think there should be a book about him LOL.
WHAT IF is a great read. It’s quick and has all the elements you need for a great romance book.
D 4/5

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