Wallbanger by Alice Clayton ~New Review~

Wallbanger (Cocktail, #1)Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~MUST READ ALERT~ Why has it taken me so long to get to this book! OH MY GAWD!!! This is one of the funniest, sexy books I have ever read! I felt sick every time I had to put this book down because I wanted more. I’m sorry I’m late to the Alice Clayton bandwagon.

Caroline is a brilliant character! Her wit absolutely had me in stitches The one liners, the nicknames she came up with… An incredibly fun character but, one who know what she wants and doesn’t wants out of life. Then we have Simon…. Dear Lawdy I am a swooning mess over this man! Fun loving, sexy the perfect best friend. Oh and DAYUM does he know how to please a woman πŸ˜‰ Kinda makes me wish I had a hot neighbour when I lived on my own (I had seniors for neighbours πŸ˜› ). I thoroughly enjoyed each character in this book but I have to give a special shout out to Clive. Cat with an attitude…need I say more.

This book seriously has everything I look for in a romance. It’s sexy, well written with great flow, brilliant characters and packed with pulse racing sexual tension. If you are looking for a feel-good romance I promise you will positively fall in love with Wallbanger and Nightie Girl. I know I did <3 Β  Nic

Very rarely do I add quotes to my reviews, but here are a few that had me in stitches πŸ™‚

~β€œLike some kind of pussified dive bomb, Clive ran at Simon, leaped, and dug into his back, attacking him from behind.”

~β€œThe irony that Simon was literally trying to run away from pussy was not lost on me.”

~β€œI moaned like a whore in church.
To be fair, I’d never actually heard a whore moan in church, but I had a feeling it sounded a lot like the unholy sounds pouring forth from my mouth.”



  1. Esmeralda Duenez says:

    This is one of my favorite books! I love how the drama is kept at a minimum and the characters are confident and strong. I laughed so much people around me thought I was crazy/

    • admin says:

      This was such a fabulous read! It had a bit of everything. So glad I was finally able to read it.


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