~WANTED by Kelly Elliott~ Review

wantedHave you looked at the cover for this book? Along with the title and this cover, I needed to read this book. So, Wanted has a sweet, protective story of young love. Ellie and her older brother, Jefferson, have been dealt the crap hand regarding their parents. Gunner has heart and amazing grandparents who are very supportive. Has this formula been done before? Absolutely. Does this make the story any less worth reading? No way. There are definitely elements of the story that are somewhat over the top. However, I did not go into this story looking for a solution to world hunger and peace among nations. I wanted to escape my daily life that is filled with stresses of work and family. I wanted to read about the oh so sexy, and they are definitely sexy, Texas boys Gunner and Jefferson pine over the sweet and feisty girls that have captured their hearts.
What I think could have been better were the inner monologues. Although I found them humorous in the thoughts that were shared, I also found them to be somewhat fan girl giddy. Hold on— don’t go all Mean Girls on me. I know the characters are young and all but they are also intelligent and have had tough times that would make them somewhat more articulate. So it isn’t that I did not like or appreciate the inner monologues, I just think they could have been better on some level.
The other aspect of the story that stopped me from dishing out 5 stars was the abundance of use of the F bomb. Now here’s the thing, I know my mouth runs as crude as a trucker on the highway to Hell, but somehow when I am reading the words, it seems worse than saying them. I think for me, I had this image of Ellie and Gunner in my head and so when they are sharing a moment with each other, I just couldn’t fit the cussing into my image of them in those particular moments in the story where I felt they should be almost speechless with the feelings they were having. So in other words, there were times I felt the cussing took away the impact of the moment and that the moment was so fabulous that it could have held its own without the cussing. There were some editing things but this is the case with many self-pub books so it didn’t bother me.
This is Kelly Elliott’s debut novel. She did a fab job of building the story and evolving the story. I loved the characters- all of them. Even the “if they were anywhere near me, I’d beat them down until they cried for their mama” characters. And there were definitely a few of them. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. And she is going to slowly torture me by waiting until February for it! Kelly Elliott is definitely a talent. I can’t wait to see how she evolves as a writer within this series. Fab things are coming from her- I just know it!!! WANTED is one that should be on your TBR. There is a wonderful story here. It just needs to stand on its own feet and take flight. D 3.5/5

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