~WATCH OVER ME by Tara Sivec~ Review





So while I hang my head in shame and admit that WATCH OVER ME was my first ever Tara Sivec read, I am so happy that this story is the one that made me fall in love with Tara Sivec’s writing.  This was real writing. Writing that only comes from deep within and from experience.

Watch over me took me through so many memories, feelings and emotions. The subject of grief and missing second chances resonated so personally with me. I often found myself with tears falling but not with sorrow or regret. Tears thinking that I got to spend time with my loved one and build many fond memories that I have been able to share with my children who never got to meet this amazing person.

The main character Addison’s struggle to move forward from her mother’s death is challenged and eased by an unsuspecting young man named Zander. He never pushes Addison to see just gives her different ways to see things. Lego is no longer a toy that I step on and curse my children for leaving in the path of my feet. Lego is color and life. Lego is about building and rebuilding. The little things we say and do for each other should be cherished and honored. Those little notes we never think hold much weight can mean so much in the end.

True to Tara Sivec humor, she did not disappoint. I loved how she slipped in funny recollections of things that Addison’s mother used to say to her about boys, school, family and life in general.

Zander. Zander was a beautiful book boy not because he was a rocker, or had tattoos or asserted his alpha ego. Beautiful because he shouldered so much responsibility not because he had to but because he wanted to share himself with those he loved. He wanted to open his heart to those that needed him.  His words and his actions were deliberate yet unselfish. I especially loved how he walked along side Addison without being overbearing or self- righteous. He allowed her to find her own path to healing.

Tara Sivec’s WATCH OVER ME is an absolutely beautiful and stunning story of forgiveness, second chances and healing. It’s about finding someone to love who will build and rebuild the Lego pieces of life.

Losing someone doesn’t have to take everything away from you.

Tara Sivec—thank you for this story. It meant thiiiiiiiiiiis much to me. 😉

D 5/5



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