WICKED REUNION by Michelle Valentine~ Review

Michelle Valentine’s WICKED REUNION available December 15, 2015. Flirty and Dirty girls love our rock romances. Check out my review!!!

25770490Wicked Reunion by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michelle Valentine knows how to write rock romance.
London and Jared’s story is so much more than the life of a rock star. It spans the time from when they were in high school until their mid 20’s.
Both characters are easily relatable in that their journey starts out as high school sweethearts. Young first love is something we can all attest to– how it impacted further relationships, how it made us stronger, how we view love as a whole, etc. I also really enjoyed that both characters were likeable and feeling the same emotions. Love gets you caught up in all kinds of intense feelings that you don’t always know how to navigate through– especially at a young age.
I enjoyed how Valentine writes in both past and present day to give us insight into the couple’s feelings. The backstory definitely shapes what happens in present day but I enjoyed how it was interspersed throughout the story and not just at the beginning.
Michelle Valentine always writes a story that feels like home. Again this adds to the familiarity and being able to relate to the story and the characters. Her stories aren’t flashy and the characters aren’t given God status. What we get as the reader are real people with real problems.
And while we’ve seen storylines of misunderstandings and second chance love, I never get tired of reading a Michelle Valentine story. There’s just something about her books. She still manages to tug at your heart strings and give you the feels.

If you enjoy second chance romance stories, then Wicked Reunion is definitely worthy of your TBR. It’s a standalone and the first book does not have to be read to follow along the storyline.
D 4/5

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Available December 15, 2015

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